Senate Confirms William Bar as Attorney General of the U.S.

The Senate voted on Thursday to confirm William Barr as the next Attorney General with a vote of 54-45 in favor of the President’s next AG choice.

The vote arose three months after Jeff Sessions, the former Attorney General, was fired for being a “lame duck.”

Three Democrats, Jones, Sinema, and Manchin voted yes for William Barr and one Republican, Rand Paul opposed.

Matthew Whitaker was filling the position until an Attorney General was sworn in.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, Majority Leader of Democrats had this to say about the vote, “The Justice Department needs a leader who will be independent of the White House and who is able to stand up to President Trump.”

She also added, “Bill Barr hasn’t demonstrated that he would be that independent leader.”

William Barr will begin his position as Attorney General as soon as Vice President, Mike Pence, confirms him.

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