Senate and White House has Reached a Deal on Coronavirus Relief

The Senate and White House has reportedly reached a deal early Wednesday morning on a massive stimulus deal they hope will keep the nation afloat after the coronavirus crisis.

The agreement comes after intense negotiations that started Friday morning when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell convened Republican and Democratic colleagues, with negotiations late into the evening each of the following four days.

The Senate proposal will inject approximately $2 trillion into the economy in the form of tax rebates, four months expanded unemployment benefits and a slew of business tax-relief provisions. The deal includes $500 billion for a major corporate loan program through the Federal Reserve, a $367 billion small business rescue package, $130 billion for hospitals and $200 billion for other “domestic priorities,” such as transportation, veterans, child care and seniors.

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Just to break it down better

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UPDATE: Schumer responds to the Deal

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  1. It’s about time. Now lets send every Democrat home to their district to explain why America had to wait for relief. Republicans and Democrats in The House or Senate should remember to exercise the individuality each has and not be party sheep.

  2. I’m so sad that I distrust those senators and representatives who we have all sent to our Nations Capital to represent us. They are, with few exceptions, a bunch of thieves and crooks. This “relief package” or “rescue legislation” , were it to come to light, would reveal millions $ in the pockets of these terrible men and women. Disgusting!!

  3. About time. The Democrats are not fooling me. They delayed a much needed bill for things that do not involve the virus and push their agenda. They are not looking out for the little guys. Just like they have ignored the problems at the border in order to obstruct President Trump.

  4. With the help of Gd;

    To the Commander in Chief of the United States Government

    Dear Mr. Donald Trump,


    Yesterday I received further proof of the link between bringing the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem and the Corona Pandemic.

    Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser who requested we bring the remains of Rabbi Nachman to Temple Mount or at least to the Wall also said we are in great danger and the world needs to accept that he is The King. The word Corona means Crown and this is no coincidence. Even our Committee lawyer is called Crown & Crown!!

    Here is the proof:

    A good friend of mine who is a trader by trade… was able to provide 10 million 3m 95n US produced protective masks to the State Department and Homeland security. Everything was ready finally for the jet to go and pick up the product, when the middleman used by the purchaser found the phonies of all previous excuses to delay the order of a product being sold 4 times below regular market price (according to my sources).

    Since the masks are not being supplied by anyone else and the standard price delivery and everything else are perfect… Mr. President, I conclude that an investigation is needed.


    There is nothing wrong with encouraging fathers and sons to be United because this way we will avoid the great day of judgement which will ensure a permanent victory for the English language and the lovers of Freedom (include Gd in that category).

    Happy Passover. Let’s not allow this to drag out for 16 years as our opponents hope for.

    Mordecai Spiro
    Ebay Ha Nachal

  5. I have been unemployed for two years. I have had 5 jobs, I was released from, for not being able to perform, due to my injuries. I have been applying for disability for 3 years, to no avail. I am 52 and my 89 year old (Ret. L.Col) has been supporting me. How would I apply for the stimulus?

  6. I think this Congress Pelosi(she is detrimental to America) she along with Cortez,Omar,Talib, Presley they are dangerous and others that have another agenda should be taken out of the new Republican Congress that should be taken back by the Republicans so that the President’s agenda should be implemented without obstruction for the American people. The Deep State and the FAKE NEWS MEDIA has been undermining the President before and since his election and his agenda for the people the American people to rebuild the country. Media should be sued for their lies. In my lifetime there has not been a President that has been so Patriotic for the America and keeping his promises to the the American people even though he has been disrespected and abused by the Corrupt Globalists. I and my son and his family left America because we could not live in a country that put others before “US” American’s. All the other President’s sold us out to China and other foreign countries for power and greed . GOD BLESS PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP.

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