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Security Near John Boltons Home was Elevated as Secrete Service Raids his House!…

John Bolton, President Trump’s former National Security Advisor, and Bush’s former UN Ambassador, House was raided by the Secret Service Police.

• In the early Wednesday morning of the 26 of January, two white SUVs belonging to the Secret Service Police were seen parked across the street from Bolton’s house.

• John Bolton lives in a Maryland suburb of Washington DC.

• On Thursday afternoon, more police vehicles were seen as secrete service agents left the residence loaded black bags into their vehicles.

• It is unknown why the secrete service was at Boltons residence.

• The secrete service only guards the President and his family but can also be sent to protect others by Executive order. Another way the Secrete Service protects is by a “national special security event.”

• It is unknown why the Secret Service was there, why it was protecting the residence, and what materials they took possession of at the moment.

• The Secret Service said in a statement, “In order to maintain operational security, the Secret Service does not discuss protective operations or protectees.”

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