Sean Hannity Exclusive: Damning Evidence about to Drop on DOJ and FBI

Sean Hannity says Nunez is issuing criminal referrals, FISA applications, FBI 302, and Gang of Eight material will be released.

SEAN HANNITY: Hannity was doing an interview with Mark Meadows when he said the corruption at the Justice Department and FBI towards the President will be released this week.

Hannity calls the whole situation, “extraordinarily damning.”

MARK MEADOWS: Meadows has been saying U.S. Ambassadors conspired with the DOJ to take down President Trump.

Meadows also stated the FBI had conspired with both the DOJ and U.S. Ambassadors.

DEVIN NUNES: Nunes said he is issuing a criminal referral this week but has not named anyone who could be on it.

Although he did say the Democrats colluded with Russians.


CONCLUSION: Sean Hannity expressed that many officials have gone against Trump and are stopping at nothing to get him out ASAP and Republican officials have had enough and are finally biting back.

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