Schiff Warns Trump Mueller Will Testify Like It or Not

Adam Schiff thinks Mueller testifying before Congress is inevitable and he is certain it will happen.

ADAM SCHIFF: Schiff said, “I think it’s inevitable that Bob Mueller is going to have to testify before Congress.”

HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE: Not too long after Schiff made these comments, the House Judiciary voted in favor of authorizing a subpoena to compel the DOJ to hand over Mueller’s full report on the probe.


STEVE COHEN: Tweeted a post of the House Judiciary voting in favor to authorize subpoenas from the Mueller report.

HOUSE JUDICIARY GOP: Congresswoman Debbie Lesko‏, spoke on the House Judiciary panel to discuss what Democrats are doing is “illegal and undermines the President.”

HOUSE JUDICIARY GOP: House Judiciary GOP tweeted, “Dangerous, ridiculous, and highly illegal.”

CONCLUSION: Adam Schiff basically predicted that Mueller will be testifying in court to Congress but it is happening now. The Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee has passed subpoena authorization for the full Mueller report with 24-17 votes and Republicans are not happy with it. The subpoenas make the DOJ give the House Judiciary to see the full Mueller report on Trump’s probe.

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