Sanders Defends The President When Blamed for Suspects Terrorist Acts

Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, defended the President against reporters accusing him of being at fault for a man’s terrorist plot towards many democrats and CNN journalists.

At the press conference, reporters were saying that Trump’s rough rhetoric in speeches and tweets could be the reason the terrorist, Christopher Hasson, would want to take these actions.

Sanders defended the president by saying,”I certainly don’t think that the president at any point has done anything but condemn violence against journalists or anyone else.”

Christopher Hasson is a Coast Guard Lieutenant and a self-proclaimed white supremacist who was planning a mass murder of prominent listed Democrats and CNN stars.

He was arrested on Wednesday for guns and drug charges.

Sanders left with saying, “We have been consistent and repeatedly said that we condemn violence in all forms.”

Watch the full video.

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  1. Hasson has been proven to be FakeNews! The report came from a professor at GW University and no one even knows if Hasson is real! People in the news need to do their research! Also if this guy is such a danger to liberals how come the judge wants to revisit his bail and the fact they are holding him without bail! It is all too fishy and the libs need to change the media direction for now! This guy is thick with accent but he is very credible!

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