Rubio To Introduce Legislation To Keep Supremes At 9

On Wednesday, Senator Rubio announced he will introduce a constitutional amendment to limit the Supreme Court to nine justices after some Democrats said the Supreme Court should add more seats.

SENATOR RUBIO: “To prevent the delegitimizing of the Supreme Court, I will introduce a constitutional amendment to keep the number of seats at nine,” Rubio stated on Wednesday.

The proposal comes as many Democrats and Rubio’s Senate colleagues have expressed an openness to expanding the Supreme Court.

DEMOCRATS: Senate Democrats like Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren want to expand the seats in the higher courts because it is too Conservative majority and instead of waiting it out they prefer more seats for more diversity of political parties.

SENATOR RUBIO: Rubio had this to say, “We are suffering a crisis of confidence and we cannot withstand further erosion of trust in one another and our institutions. The rhetoric used by some of my Democratic colleagues that suggests our institutions are increasingly unable to resolve modern society’s conflicts is dangerous.”

CONCLUSION: Senator Rubio is fed up with the Democrats trying to change the seats on the higher courts by expanding the number of seats due to too many Republicans on the panel. Rubio is set to introduce a constitutional amendment to limit the seats of the Supreme court to only 9 seats they have had since 1896.

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