Rubio Demands DOJ Investigate John Kerry shadow Diplomacy

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) called on the Justice Department to probe former Secretary of State John Kerry’s rogue diplomacy with Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, according to reports.

Rubio called on the agency Tuesday to look into whether Kerry potentially breached the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), which requires individuals representing foreign governments in a “political or quasi-political capacity” disclose their activities to the U.S. government.

The Florida lawmaker is also requesting investigators determine whether the Obama-era official violated the Logan Act, which “criminalizes negotiation” by unsanctioned individuals with foreign governments hostile towards the U.S.

“As you know, the Islamic Republic of Iran remains a U.S.-designated state sponsor of terrorism, and the State Department continues to characterize the regime in Tehran as ‘the foremost biggest state sponsor of terrorism’ in its annual reports on international terror,” Rubio wrote in a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, first obtained by Fox News.

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  1. So, Senator Rubio wrote a letter to the Attorney General. Do we have an attorney general ? Let me know what happens……zzzzzzzzzh

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