ROUND 2: Hillary Clinton Hints Possible 2020 Run

In an Interview with Variety Hillary Clinton states that only she is the only person who can beat Trump and that she feels “the urge” to run for President in 2020.


Hillary Clinton Says She Feels ‘The Urge’ To Beat Trump

Inside the Hillary Bubble- National Review

Clinton’s comments came in response to a question she was asked in an interview with Variety at the Sundance Film Festival-TheHill

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  1. I am sorry but this old girl will once again use everything including the kitchen sink to steal the election. Of course she is going to run and just like in every election in the past there will be a high degree of vote rigging using names that have been retained on the voting rolls after the person has moved from the leftist state or has passed on. The Democrats also use illegal aliens to pad the votes. In 2016 there were 13 million illegal votes cast for Hillary ensuring her victory. When we remove the illegal votes cast by the above mentioned means and the bussing of people from voting station to voting station, we find that President Trump secured the popular vote if the election was handled legally by both sides. The Democrats believe that President Trump must have cheated better than them because their twisted minds cannot accept the fact that we the people have begun to awaken to the truth of who the Democrat Globalist George Soros led traitors truly are. If Hillary is able to steal the election you will not receive an opportunity to challenge the wicked witch of the west. I pray all will see the truth before it is too late. A rejection of the Democrats must be in total to end their plot against America, against we the people who they hate with a passion. Project Veritas put the ideals of the Bernie bros on full display but we must realize that their view is not just that of Bernie Sanders but that of the entire open boarders democrat family. There are only two sides right and left. Read Mathew 25 verses 31-46 to determine the difference between the two and the results we can receive from each.

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