Rosenstein Remains Lurking At The DOJ Despite His Planned Departure

Rosenstein made arrangements with Attorney General William Barr to stay longer at the Justice Department.

ROD ROSENSTEIN: Rod has been the Deputy Attorney General of the Justice Department, he had confirmed his time was coming to an end after William Barr became Attorney General.

Rosenstein has not given his two weeks notice yet and has reportedly made an arrangement with William Barr to stay longer.

Hearings for Rod’s replacement begins in April but until then Rosenstein will remain as Deputy Attorney General.

Although, Rosenstein is still under fire for the rumors that he and Andrew McCabe plotted to get the President out of office and secretly tape the President for evidence to impeach.

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: Senator Graham stated he would investigate the remarks from McCabe and asked Barr for documents relating to the conversation.

CONCLUSION: Rod Rosenstein is still Deputy Attorney General until April where his replacement will be chosen and he will still be investigated for the statements Andrew McCabe said about him and Rosenstein plans to set up the President to impeach him.

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