Rosenstein Defends AG Barr for His Integrity

Rosenstein has been in favor of AG Barr since he was sworn in, Rosenstein also has defended the Attorney General against Democrats.

ROD ROSENSTEIN: “The enthusiasm in and around the Department of Justice was palpable when President Trump announced his nomination of Attorney General William Pelham Barr,” Rosenstein wrote.

“A brilliant and principled conservative lawyer, Barr brings unique experience to the challenge of working at the intersection of law and politics,” he added.

When he described Bill Barr he stated, “He earned widespread respect for his integrity and professionalism, and he enhanced that reputation in the private sector.”

DEMOCRATS: Dems have scrutinized AG Barr for withhold any evidence even if it is classified, even though, Barr cannot show or tell anyone about a classified issue.

ROD ROSENSTEIN: Rosenstein defends Barr when Dems scrutinize him a berate him about the Mueller report.

CONCLUSION: Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein is in favor of the Attorney General Barr due to the amount of nice words he has to say about Bill Barr. Rosenstein is to leave as Deputy Attorney General in May.

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