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Ron DeSantis Mask Mandate Ban Reinstated by Appeals Court in Florida!…

The first district court of appeals reinstated Florida’s ban on mask mandates in Florida schools signed by Governor Ron DeSantis.

The ruling means that Florida can go after schools financially that decide to impose mask mandates violating State law.

DeSantis spokesperson said in a statement –

When Leon County, Florida, a judge blocked the ban mandates earlier this week, DeSantis filed an emergency appeal which now he has won.
Opponents to the mask mandate ban state that the measure puts kids at risk and could potentially lead to more COVID 19 cases, but DeSantis argued that the decision should come down to the parents and that schools should not be allowed require students to mask.

One of the lawyers opposing Ron DeSantis’ ban said on Twitter.

The US Department of Education said in a statement that they would provide funding to any school that gets cutoff by the new Florida measure trying once again to go against court rulings that don’t aline with dictator Biden’s agenda.

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