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Roger Stone Served Lawsuit In the Middle of a Radio Show Interview!…

Former Lobbyist and conservative firebrand Roger Stone is served lawsuit papers during a live radio interview on Wednesday.  

Stone was served with a lawsuit regarding the January 6th attack on the Capitol on the Radio show Tomorrow’s news today with Joe Hoft and Kell Brazil.

Roger was in the middle of a conversation about President Trump and the 2024 election when he had a knock at his door. Roger stated on the radio show, “hold on, there is a process server at my door, about to serve me the latest lawsuit.” The process server seemed to know Roger Stone well because he kept telling him, you know, and you know the deal.  

The Lawsuit filed against Stone is by seven capitol Police officers who blame him for the January 6th riot at the Capitol. Other notable people that have been served with the same Lawsuit are Former Mayor and Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Info-wars founder Alex Jones.  

 The Suit states that Roger Stone spread false claims that the 2020 election process and election fraud, the lawsuit states that those claims led to the January 6th riot, The lawsuit also claims that Stone promoted and fundraised for the Stop the Steal rally that preceded the attack.

The Lawsuit reads – “Trump’s and his co-conspirators’ repeated cries of election fraud caused many of his supporters, including other Defendants, to plan to employ force, intimidation, and threats on his behalf to keep him in office, should he lose the election,” 

The officers seek punitive damages from Stone and the others in the Lawsuit, with the amount determined by the jury if it goes to trial.  

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