RNC Promises the WALL if republicans win House and Senate

RNC spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany on Friday said that President Trump’s proposed border wall will be built if Republicans increase their majorities in the House and the Senate in November’s midterm elections.

The hills Buck Sexton asked McEnany if Republicans get enough seat will the Trump Wall be built and she responded:  “I do,” McEnany said. “I think we have to pick a few more Senate seats, and I think it’s possible.

Border security and the wall have been a hot topic since the 2016 Presidential election and it is now more important than ever when all aspect of National security is in play like the Travel Ban, DACA, Trade, Border Security, Opioid Crises and more.  All eyes are on the Midterms and how that results will shape the political spectrum for these hard issues the country is facing.

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  1. The RNC is mostly cowards who secretly like cheap, illegal labor. President Trump promised a wall, and we the people eagerly await its full construction — along with the other immigration reforms.

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