RINOS Join Democrats to Attack Stephen Miller

Rinos are back on the Democrats side for Republican after Kristjen Nielsen left, the Department of Homeland security has been loosing more people everyday.

DEMOCRATS: The Dems and Rinos are suspicious of of Miller’s intention since he got Kristjen fired.

Not too long after DHS acting Deputy Secretary Claire Grady offered her resignation.

LEE CISSNA: Head of the US Citizenship and immigration Services and will vote between him and Chuck Grassely.

Lee Cissna and Kathy Kovarik were fired

CHUCK GRASSELY: Grassely stated, “I heard that they were going to be dismissed and that irritates me.”

CONCLUSION: The drama at DHS gets worse by the minute and DHS officials have been resigning or getting fired and Dems and Rinos think it’s Miller causing everyone to drift away.

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