RINOS flip on DACA giving it a possibility of a forced vote

A petition drive to force a vote on granting Citizenship to Illegal Aliens also known as DREAMERS is reaching success as two RINOS have flipped inching closer to forcing a vote…

Reps. Rom Teed and Brian Fitzpatrick added their names, bringing to 23 the number of Republicans who are now on board. If backers can reach 25 GOP signatures plus get all Democrats, they’ll be successful.

as of right now 190 Democrats have signed the petition, just 3 are missing all from Texas.

Mr. Reed, New York RINO Republican said“By putting our name on that piece of paper we’re that much closer to creating the pressure to create the leverage that is going to bring this to a head to have a debate in the House on the issue,”

“At the end of the day this is about solving that issue,” he said as he added his name to the petition.

The petition drive would create a process for bringing four immigration bills to the floor. One would be a broad amnesty of a pathway to citizenship for millions of Dreamers, while another would couple such an amnesty with promises of a future STUDY on border security.

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