RINOS Coming Out in FULL Force To Block Trumps Infrastructure Plan

Rinos are dismissing the President’s infrastructure plan for being “too ambitious” and warn that they will oppose any motion that adds to the budget deficit.

THE INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN: The President, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer came to the agreement that budget would set at $2 trillion in renewing or building updated infrastructure.

RINOS: The infrastructure plan involves climate change but Republicans are scared to pass Obama’s 2009 fiscal stimulus.

That legislation added more than $800 billion to the debt and later became a focal point of Republicans that Obama had blown up the deficit.

JOHN THUNE: The Senate Majority Whip stated, “If we’re going to do infrastructure, I think we ought to pay for it. I don’t think we ought to put it on the debt.”

“I think $2 trillion is really ambitious. If you do a 35-cent increase in the gas tax, for example, indexed for inflation, it gets you only half a trillion,” he added.

KEVIN MCCARTHY: McCarthy also has his doubts, he stated, “How do you pay for it? That’s the biggest question that’s the hardest part.”

MARK MEADOWS: Meadows stated the Republican party is not for gas tax, “You would have to have a gas tax to do it, and we’re not for a gas tax,” talking about how the infrastructure would be payed.

“I mean, $1 trillion you could maybe do; $2 trillion, there is no way to get the money other than raising taxes and there is not an appetite for an increase in taxes by Republicans in the House or the Senate.”

CHARLES SCHUMER: “We agreed to $2 trillion and the president was happy to push up the number a little bit,” Schumer stated about the meeting.

THE PRESIDENT: No one knows how they’re going to pay for the $2 trillion infrastructure plan but that is why the President and Democrat leaders will meet in 3 weeks to figure out the payment plan for it.

RINO: Rand Paul had an idea of how to pay the plan, he stated, “We spend about $50 billion a year in Afghanistan. I think we could bring some of that home and use it.”

CONCLUSION: All the rinos are doubting and not supporting the President’s decisions in the infrastructure plan set at $2 trillion but instead of helping him they are just looking down on it and him. The President and Democrat leaders will meet again in 3 weeks and figure out exactly how to pay for it.

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  1. Here we go again: RINOS = wolves in sheep’s clothing. The DEMOCRATS ( wolves in wolves’ clothing ) are easier to spot. It’s the same pack of WOLVES.

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