Republicans Side with Trump on Revoking Security Clearances

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, provided a list of current and former U.S. officials and said if any of them still have a security clearance, “they should lose it.” He wasn’t the only Republican to praise president Trump’s decision to revoke clearances from Brennan and maybe others.

The comments come after White House press secretary Sarah Sanders announced that Trump has revoked former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance, saying his “erratic behavior” should prevent him from having access to sensitive information.


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  1. Very Very smart move of President Trump!!
    These guys have repeatedly proven what traitors they are and all their lies!!
    Hope President Trump makes changes to the present that no one holds security clearances once they have left their positions except maybe temporary to any that are proven trust worthy !!

  2. I think once you leave office or your position you should lose your security clearance. Everyone!!!! Everyone on that list should have lost their security clearance as soon as they left the White House!!!!! Another way of putting it is as soon as you go back to being a private citizen that’s it no more security clearance!!!!!

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