Republicans POISED to use Nuclear option for Trump Judges

On Thursday, Mitch McConnell savagely filed a procedural motion to speed up votes for Trump’s nominee judges for federal district courts and sub-Cabinet-level executive branch positions.

SENATE: In the Senate, McConnell filed a cloture to cut off dilatory debate for his Senate Resolution 50, which dramatically reduces time Trump’s nominees have to spend on the floor to allow Republicans confirm his picks.

SENATE RESOLUTION 50: This resolution reduces time on the floor and reduces the final vote timing from 30 hours to two hours. It also avoids Senate voters to invoke cloture onto a Trump nominee. The resolution needs 60 voters for it to pass.

MITCH MCCONNELL: When McConnell introduced the resolution he said, “I come to the floor to discuss the unprecedented obstruction that has faced President Trump’s nominees for the past 26 months and counting and to announce the Senate is going to do something about it.”

SENATE REPUBLICANS: Senate Republicans have said if Democrats try to stop the resolution from obtaining 60 votes they will poise the Nuclear option.

The Nuclear option is a partisan warfare tactic to set a new Senate precedent and change the Senates rules.

The Senate confirmed the Trump Administration has had fewer nomination confirmations in the Senate than the Obama Administration had by 22 percent.

SENATE DEMOCRATS: Charles Schumer slams Mitch McConnell as he stated, “Senator McConnell’s approach has always been to manipulate Senate rules when it helps him and then change Senate rules when the tables turn, this is just another step in his effort to limit the rights of the minority and cede authority to the administration.”

Senate Dems have tried to negotiate with McConnell but failed miserably.

CONCLUSION: Mitch McConnell will be able to get all the votes he needs to pass Senate Resolution 50.

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