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Republicans Making Headway With Latinos Ahead of Midterms…

A recent poll shocked Democrats as Latinos / Hispanics wake up from the liberal lies that have plagued them for decades.

Republicans are making significant headway as the upcoming midterm elections are just months away. According to the new poll, conservatives are making the most significant gains among Hispanic and other non-white voters.

The survey conducted in April shows a national trend that Hispanics and Latino voters are increasingly reluctant to trust Biden and other Democrats running for office. Many Latino and Hispanic voters are willing to research and eventually vote for Republican contenders as every house seat, and 34 senate seats are up for reelection.

Another poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal showed that Hispanics and Latinos picked a GOP candidate by 9 points over a Democrat.

That’s not all for the embattled Democrat party; a survey found that African American voters are increasingly reluctant with Democrats. in 2022, 35% of black voters said they trusted Democrats up for reelection compared to 56% in 2021.

A third poll by Marist showed that 47% of registered voters would vote Republican compared to 44% for Democrats; independent voters are giving republicans the edge at 45% to 38%.

The Latinos and Hispanics that stated they would like to vote for Republicans instead of Democrats come from what are known as Swing states. in those states, Latino / Hispanics said that they would vote 52% for republicans if the vote was held today compared to 39% for Democrats.

The most significant issues for the Latino / Hispanic voter are inflation, gas prices, and rising prices in energy (water, electric, Natural gas)

In the Marist poll, 60% of Hispanic / Latino voters disapproved of Biden’s handling of the economy.

19% of the United States is Hispanic / Latino according to the 2022 census, with 22 counties coming in as almost 100% Latino.

Only time will tell what will happen in the midterms, but the Democrats are furious, and that’s why Biden wants to create the DHS disinformation governance board to regulate Latino news channels and programming. Liberals believe Univision is not doing a good job. Univision is the equivilant to CNN in latino news programing.

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