Republicans go after Warren as Native Hoax Exposé Heats Up

A spokesperson for the State Bar of Texas confirmed Warren claimed her race was Native American in a 1986 bar registration card, and provided a copy of that card Wednesday night.

Ronna Romney McDaniel, chairman of the RNC, wrote the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel of the State Bar of Texas in a letter that was delivered by certified mail on Wednesday stating,”This letter is to alert your office of false claims made by Texas-barred attorney, Elizabeth Warren. Attorney Warren was admitted to the Texas bar on April 11, 1986 and her Bar Card Number is 20885410 with a current status of ‘Inactive’… Attorney Warren registered for the Texas bar and made a misrepresentation that she was “American Indian.”

Elizabeth has already apologized to the Cherokee Nation for taking a DNA test to prove her heritage that failed and now she may be punished for misrepresenting her race on an official document.

Warren is scheduled to make her formal announcement for president this Saturday in Lawrence, Massachusetts, but her inability to explain her three decades of falsely claiming Native American ancestry hangs over every political step she takes now.

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