Republicans Demand China and the World Close all Wet Markets

Chinese wet markets have been at the center of discussion around the world as there is an indication Coronavirus originated at the Wuhan Wet Market.  Now Republicans are starting to zero in on a total ban of those establishments worldwide.

Republican Representative Steve Chabot of Ohio introduced a resolution on Wednesday that seeks to encourage all countries to shut down disease-infested wet markets, citing Chinese Coronavirus as it is the primary example of what could happen if they remain Open.

Chinese wet markets are known to sell exotic and domesticated animals all for human consumption, and none are more notorious than the ones in China.


During previous administrations, The Department of Agriculture has bought animals from these wet markets, including the market in Wuhan, for experiments in the US.

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Rep. Chabot said in a statement:

“Further, facts matter, and the CCP’s deliberate obfuscation of the origin of COVID-19 matters,” he went on to say

“We cannot meaningfully call for the closure of live wildlife markets unless we are first willing to fight through the wall of CCP disinformation to affirm the basic fact that such a market (in addition to CCP incompetence) launched the coronavirus pandemic.”

The Resolution know as the Wildlife Market resolution or HR Rest 922 states:

• Wildlife Market resolution affirms that animals are subject to inhumane treatment in unsanitary conditions at live wildlife markets as well as through the exotic pet trade and other wildlife trafficking, including in the United States.

• Calls for all nations to permanently close live wildlife markets and for the People’s Republic of China to cease spreading disinformation regarding the origins of Coronavirus.

• Affirms the unanimous consensus of the medical community that the Coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, China, and spread through the nexus of the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in that city.

• Calls on all governments to permanently close live wildlife markets.

• Calls on the Chinese Communist Party officials and the propaganda organs of the Chinese Communist Party to cease spreading disinformation on the origins of, and its initial response to, the Coronavirus.

Other Republican lawmakers are also joining Rep. Chabot in this resolution including Congressman Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) and Congressman Ted Yoho (R-Fla.)

Both saying: These markets have exposed the people of China to life threatening disease, putting the citizens of China and families across the world of 210 nations and territories at risk.”

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