Reporter Caught On Hot Mic Race Baiting Trump Supporters

Arizona reporter, Cameron Riddle, and another individual were caught on hot mic off of a facebook live video before walking onto a Pro-Trump rally at an Arizona High School discussing the possibility of the Trump supporters calling him a racial slur for African Americans and making stereotypical comments about his race.

CAMERON RIDDLE: Riddle is an African American reporter in Arizona for AZFamily and CBS 5. Riddle and another man went to Perry High School to cover a story about a protest due to the school punishing students for wearing MAGA clothing for “USA day.”

Just before he began, Riddle was talking and laughing with another man indicating the children might call him racial slurs and make stereotypical comments about his race.

FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEO: A person had started a facebook live minutes before the incident took place, Riddle unknowingly started race bating the situation he was going into just because the people at the protest were pro-trump. In the video you can here him making a number of comments of what the Trump supporters might say about him.

CAMERON RIDDLE: In the video you can hear him say, “Let’s say I walk right down the sidewalk next to them…maybe they’ll call me a n*****.”

MAN WHO WAS WITH RIDDLE: “You’ll come pretty close.”

CAMERON RIDDLE: “Yeah, ‘you should go back to school,’ oh boy, that’s an old one…I think you need to update your material,” as they both began to laugh.

MAN WHO WAS WITH RIDDLE: “First thing I decided to do when I got out of jail this morning was come down here.”

CAMERON RIDDLE: As he finished off with saying, “Sending this back to all our boys back in county.”

AZFAMILY: A spokesperson for AZfamily spoke to reporters about the incident saying, “At Arizona’s Family our expectation is that all employees will treat others with respect. We are aware of the situation and are conducting an investigation.”


CONCLUSION: This is the reason why Golden State Times has the hot mic on at all times!

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