Religious New York Private School Cancels the Word MOM and DAD Also Christmas!…



A religious Manhattan private school that charges parents $57,000 a year has issued new terms they claim will make the facility a more ‘inclusive’ place.

Here is the Schools Religious Identity according to their official website

  • Grace Church School in NoHo released a new 12-page guide for staff, students and parents on ‘inclusive language’
  • ‘Mom’, ‘Dad’ or ‘parents’ are outlawed and MUST be replaced with ‘grown-ups, folks, family or guardian’
  • It urges them not to wish anyone a ‘Merry Christmas’ or even a ‘Happy Holidays’ INSTEAD say Have a ‘good break’
  • asks for an end to questions on where a person went on vacation  
  • ‘As part of our Episcopal identity, we recognize the dignity and worth common to humanity,’ the school said of the guide 
  • Conservatives in NYC complain that private schools have been infiltrated by a RADICAL left mentality 

Here are some of the most controversial changes by the school

The last one that says ( Be sensitive that kids might not have what they need at home) is rhetorical because the school charges $57K a year for the kids to attend 

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  1. That’s why, education and educators are screwing up our kids minds and personal family values there are imposing their rules how about families with different backgrounds? Are they supposed to be silence…well, I guess best option is to remove your kids from this school, crazy

    1. That is correct Liliana, the best thing is to remove the children from that brainwashing environment directed by perverted charlatans that violate the right of the first amendment of the US Constitution being ‘the freedom of expression’ in all its forms; to use the word ‘unlawful’ to deem expressing universal clean non offensive descriptive vital sane terms found in the conventional dictionary (which by being deemed ‘unlawful’ would carry some kind of punishment) is criminal and unconstitutionally oppresive and descriminatory; we all remember in the movie ‘Roots’ the slave owner asking the slave tied to a tree: what is your name? The slave would answer: Kinte Kunta! and the slave owner would say No! Your name is Toby! and would lash the slave with a whip merciless making him bleed, punishing him and forbiding him to speak his own true name; that is exactly what this ‘so called religious school’ is doing in rhetorical terms, which by the way, the name of such infamous religious shool is not included in this report. An investigation should be conducted and the perpetrators should be sued and removed from teaching or directing the school if the reported claim is true.

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