Record Amount of Aliens Rushing to The Border

The number of aliens detained last year jumped to 39 percent more in February and March and will be increasing more to 100,000.

The President has been trying to stop illegal immigration but has been blocked by judges eager to protect the catch and release policies set under President Obama.

The President spoke at CPAC and stated, “We need an immigration policy that’s going to be great for our corporations and our great companies,”

“Now, we want people to come in, we need workers to come in, but they’ve got to come in legally and they’ve got to come in through merit,” Trump added.

In a free-market economy, any inflow of foreign workers cuts Americas’ jobs and wages, and also transfers the lost wages to CEOs and investors.

One million legal immigrants, two million visa workers and eight million working illegal immigrants shrinks salaries for 150 million blue-collar and white-collar earned by the four million young Americans who join the labor force each year.

The federal government’s cheap labor policy increases wealth gaps, reduces high tech investments, hurts schools and colleges, increases tuition, increases state and local tax burdens, and marginalize Americans.

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