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Record 1.9 Million Illegal Aliens Arrested at Southern Border in 2021…

According to new data, U.S border patrol agents made 1.9 million arrests in 2021 alone.

• The new numbers were part of a FOIA release through a new lawsuit brought by the AG’s of Texas and Missouri against Biden for attempting to wind down Trump’s remain in Mexico policy.

• The report also shows that Border Patrol released 20% or 402,000 illegal aliens into the U.S.

• The Democrats claim that the new number is less than when the pandemic started when the release number was over 50%

• Report states that the rest of the Aliens that were deported were returned to Mexico or their place of origin under title 42.

• The newly released numbers only reflect CBP “encounters” and do not take into account Illegal aliens crossing that got away.

• The recent lawsuit by republican Attorney Generals’ seeks to stop Biden from winding down the Trump era “remain in Mexico” policy.

• Other calculations by news outlets like the New York Post states that CBP made over 2 million arrests. Numbers vary, but a definite number is over a million and a half.

• At one point in 2021, the number of apprehensions peaked at 200K a month, that was July alone, the numbers rose again in November and December of ’21.

• CBP noted that less than half of the total number of encounters in December, around 78,589 — were processed for expulsion through Title 42.

• In recent days, the Biden administration was exposed for chartering flights for illegal aliens and dropping them off in red districts across the country.

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