Read the New UNSEALED General Michael Flynn Documents

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  1. General Flynn must be made financially whole, completely restored including being rehired by the Trump administration as this release of documents with even more to come proves that he and his family have been viciously attacked by the Obama Biden administration. In 2014 Flynn was employed by the Obama Biden administration and was fired for misspeaking standing against anti-American actions being carried out by the Democrat administration. For continuing to defend the nation he has served in war for 33 years Michael became the target of a politicized justice system on the orders of Obama the illegal alien Muslim deep state puppet born in Kenya. This move by Obama Biden to turn America into a third world nation was almost complete. How many still remember the thousands of U.N. soldiers and the trains filled with military equipment running throughout America. If Hillary had managed to secure victory they were prepared to declare war against we the people for the purpose of disarming all and leaving the Constitution in the dust. How many remember the U.N. troops and trains filled with military equipment across the country throughout most of 2016 spaced strategically across America waiting for Hillary to be declared victorious. That declaration would have been the call to action where America’s citizens would have been under attack. Thank God that no matter the tactics used both legal and illegal Hillary was defeated but that led to brazen attacks by the left led by the deep state which includes the upper levels of the C.I.A. the State Department, the Pentagon, the F.B.I., the D.O.J., the Democrat party, the lamestream Media placed under C.I.A. control in 1952 using Operation Mocking Bird, the Atlantic council, The council on Foreign relations, The Department of Justice top 500 are members of the Senior Executive Service established with cooperation between the Carter White House staffer Kristine Marcy a personal friend of Hillary Roddam Clinton and the C.I.A. while being led by George H.W. Bush in 1978. During the past 40 years plus there have been 40,000 members appointed 10,000 by Barrack Obama. Christopher Wray the director of the F.B.I. Jim Comey, Rod Rosenstein Robert Mueller, etc. Let me include many decent people approximately 10% were of the 40,000 were appointed to uphold the reason given to pass the legal requirements so that the law could pass congress and senate scrutiny. Most S.E.S. members receive annual incomes in the million dollar range to betray we the people holding down top positions in all 75 federal agencies. These are wolves in Sheep’s clothing working to destroy America, God bless America.

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