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Rating for Biden’s State of the Union Address Lowest in History!…

Joe Biden delivered his first address to the nation on March 1st, 2022, and the rating number is in! 

• Biden has the lowest rating for a state of the Union address since it was televised to the Public.

• 26 Million people tuned in to watch his address to both chambers of Government in 16 different news networks

• By contrast, Trump’s first state of the union garnered over 45 Million viewers 

  • 48 Million watched Obama’s 1st Address 
  • 51 Watched George W Bush’s 1st Address 
  • 45 Million saw Bil Clintons 1st Address 

• Believe it or not, March 1st state of the union was an uptick from last year’s speech by Biden to both chambers of Congress that garnered 27 million viewers.

• The network that won the rating night was Fox News, with just over 7 million viewers 

  • ABC came in second with 6.8 Million 
  • CBS 4.8 Million 
  • CNN 4.8 Million 
  • NBC 4.1 Million 
  • MSNBC 4.1 Million 
  • FOX NATION (streaming) 1.9 Million 

The numbers also include those that streamed it. Streaming accounts for about 13% of those that watch the news and political content.

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  1. More people than that show up IN PERSON (and wait outside for hours) for a TRUMP RALLY !!!!

    1. Oh, millions are NOT the same as thousands ! So, let’s be careful about what we read & see in the media, folks !

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