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Rare Heart Inflammation cases Linked to COVID Vaccine Alarm the CDC!…

A CDC Panel will hold an emergency meeting on June 18th over reports of rare heart inflammation cases after getting doses of the Coronavirus Vaccine.

• New reports state that new cases of Myocarditis are affecting teens and adolescents who have received the shot
• 475 cases of Myocarditis and pericarditis in people younger than 30 years old
• The condition is severe, but those that had effects from the vaccine have since recovered.
• New preliminary reports state that the condition was more severe in patients aged 16-24
• CDC safety officials are trying to do damage control for Fauci and others, and state that most cases could possibly have nothing to do with the vaccine.
• According to CDC data, more than 166 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine have been administered and 127 million doses of Moderna’s.


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  1. The C.D.C. IS FUNDED BY BIG Pharmaceutical companies who stand to earn a fortune from the uncertified, unapproved, fake vaccine. The C.D.C. is concerned about swelling around the heart i call out this lie. The only thing that the C.D.C. is concerned about is C.Y.A. which stands for cover their asses. The C,D.C. has been lying to we the people for over a year and a half because they are fully aware that the directives for the five steps of the lockdown were issued by the United Nations months before the initial two week lockdown in March of 2020 that has extended into 15 months to date. When the U.N. issued the lockdown directive to all levels of Governments around the world they included one more which was a demand to stage the steps in such a way that it would make it look as if it was a local or state directive and not from one central source. DR. Fauci the fraud is the highest paid Government employee in America making more than is paid to the leader of the free world, He is also a board member of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, an owner of Moderna, a Democrat, Free Mason, a Jesuit , a personal friend of the Bush/Clinton family, and a member of their criminal cabal. DR. Fauci began work on the virus in 2015, got caught in 2015, was ordered to destroy the viral bioweapon 2015, transferred viral bioweapon first to the Canadian government lab in Winnipeg Manitoba in November of 2015 after George Soros installed Jeffrey Epstein’s good friend Justin Trudeau into office. The director of the lab would not allow Fauci access into the lab to continue working on the viral bioweapon and in January 2016 the viral bioweapon was transferred to the level four lab in Wuhan. Dr. Fauci made the initial payment of 3.71 million dollars to the Wuhan lab at that time taken from tax payer funding for his department within the N.I.H. For the next 3 years and nine months dr. Fauci travelled back and forth from Washington D.C. to Wuhan many times on occasion accompanied by others involved in the planned destruction of America including Bill Gates Barrack Obama, George Soros and others. There are pictures taken in front of the Wuhan lab and can be seen floating around the internet with Fauci and his partners in crime. In January of 2017 days before the Trump administration took power Fauci the fraud delivered a speech at Georgetown University where he stated that the incoming administration would experience a pandemic. In 2019 Bill Gates was issued the patent for the mRNA uncertified unapproved fake vaccine that Gates had applied for a European patent for in 2014. Fauci had lied to President Trump because the virus he claimed was accidentally released from a market place in Wuhan had been in the works for more than five years on orders from Hillary Clinton. During the 5 years the vaccine was worked on animals studied took place and all fail so they could not get the vaccine to pass medical standards for a vaccine. The closest the scientists came to a successful animal study was carried out on 100 ferrets. The ferrets made it through to the end before preforming one last test in which all died. When President Trump paid billions to big Pharma to produce a vaccine on Fauci’s directive the vaccine had already been prepared but since the vaccine could not meet medical standards Fauci had to convince President Trump to request as Emergency use authorization for a failed vaccine. The P.C.R. test being used to pump up case numbers delivered 98% false positives based on the number of cycles used. Anything above 25 cycles increased the level of false positives while anything below would not detect any viruses within the body because the test being used was never developed to detect viruses. This was planned as an assault on humanity to reach United Nations agenda’s 21 and 2030 in which both U.N. documents and the Georgia Guide Stones located near Atlanta spell out the goal to eliminate 90 to 95% of the human race killing 7.3 to 7.5 billion people by 2030 using viruses and continuous fake mRNA vaccines that corrupt human D.N.A. Add to this booster shots every time they claim a new strain of the viral bioweapon was on the loose and the left achieves their goal of their Satanic New World Order. This is the truth about what we are facing and the reason they election was stolen. This is not the first time DR. Fauci developed a disease to enrich himself. He began in the 1980’s by combining H.I.V. and AIDS that have nothing to do with each other. Fauci went against the scientific studies carried out by some great scientific minds that rejected his claims. DR. Fauci patented several drugs based on his false claims generating billions for his bank accounts. This greedy bastard puts dr. Mengla the Nazi doctor to shame having killed many millions more.

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