Radical Lawmaker Plays tape of Crying Children on House Floor

Radical Democrat Ted Lieu of California violated House rules Friday by playing a recording of crying children who were separated from their parents at the border, ignoring a presiding officer who implored him to stop.

Mr. Lieu, a Democrat who frequently rails against President Trump online, refused from the lectern at the front of the chamber, which was empty except for dozens of tourists who looked down from the gallery. “I think the American people need to hear this,” Mr. Lieu said, brushing off Rep. Karen Handel, Georgia Republican who happened to be presiding at the time.

After four minutes of the audio blasting throughout the House, Handel told Lieu that the sergeant-at-arms would enforce the rules, meaning they’d physically remove him if necessary. Lieu then stopped the recording and yielded back the rest of his time.

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  1. The Democrats are all show and no substance. They cannot / will not cooperate to solve the immigration & border security problems. Every day American citizens who are sent to jail have their children taken from them. The obvious solution is for the parents to act lawfully. The illegal alien children receive better care than many American children. When will the cowardly, castrated, corrupt Congress do its job and FIX the laws ? ? Are they trying to goad President Trump into acting like a dictator ? ? Congress makes laws. President Trump enforces the law.

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