Radical Kamala Harris Renews Her Fight Against OUR Second Amendment

Kamala Harris a Democratic hopeful for President in 2020 has renewed her fight against what the Democrats call “Assault Weapons” in a Tweet

Harris claims that the motivation for her rhetoric is Public safety when in fact “Assault Weapons” are rarely used by criminals that the FBI reports: Nearly 3 times more people are stabbed to death than Shot and killed with Rifle or their actual name Long Guns  and shot guns combined.

A FBI 2015 Uniform Crime report shows the Number of people killed with rifles(of any kind)

It states that in 2015 584 were shot with long rifles but 1,573 nearly 3x more people were stabbed to death.

The Democrats try to push the ban and the total destruction of our Second Amendment by using words like “Assault Weapons” that frighten those ignorant to Guns and Ammo, who can forget the Idiot De Leon (D-CA) talking about Ghost guns that can hold a 30 magazine clip (LOL):

The Democrats are not going to rest until our second amendment is destroyed because they hate Freedom they HATE people being able to protect themselves and they HATE America.

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