Puerto Rican Mayor Under FBI Investigation for Corruption

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz took to Leftist mainstream media and late night talk show host to attack President Donald Trump Immediately following a devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico.

The Democrat repeatedly criticized Trump for his response to Hurricane Maria and even wore a “Nasty” t-shirt on air with CNN to jab the president. But it looks like it’s Yulín Cruz’s office that’s under fire for possible corruption that affected the relief effort.

Yulín Cruz’s administration “is now being investigated for alleged corruption,” The Epoch Times reports. Local news outlets are reporting that FBI officials are investigating “several suppliers” for misbehavior and collusion, along with the mayor’s office.

There were many reports following the hurricane that U.S. supplies were trapped in the ports, with local corruption preventing proper distribution. The claims were largely dismissed by legacy news outlets as conspiracy and were used to frame Trump’s relief efforts in a negative light. The Trump administration later bypassed local officials, and the U.S. military began delivering the goods directly.

This Story is Developing

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  1. Please keep us posted on this story as it develops. I know a lot of fine, law-abiding people in Puerto Rico. They deserve to know who really did what ! !

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