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Prosecutors Intensify Investigation into Hunter Biden’s Federal Tax Probe!…

Prosecutors have spoken to witnesses and former associates as Hunter Biden’s federal tax investigation gains momentum.

• Prosecutors are investigating Hunters’ alleged misconduct of funds from foreign income and Biden’s relationship with Ukraine and a company named Burisma.

• Federal prosecutors sought to get information and grand jury testimony on Biden’s business deals with Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings and how he used the money he made from them.

• Recently, prosecutors spoke to Hunter Biden’s associate about his drinking and illegal drug habits since 2018, feds needed to get as much information to make sure Hunter doesn’t use his substance abuse as a defense against his potential criminal tax case

• Prosecutors are focusing on the payments from Burisma, which was first funneled through a company called Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC before going on to Biden.

• Between 2014 and 2019, Hunter Biden held a seat on Burisma’s board, for which he was paid around $50,000 a month.

• Prosecutors are also looking into the possibility that Hunter Biden was using his name to create a pay-to-play scheme with European and Chinese billionaires.

• According to reports, Hunter Biden already paid his tax liabilities totaling about $1 Million, thinking that will get him off the hook.

• The Probe doesn’t just end with Burisma and Ukraine. Investigators are also looking into his business deals in China. His lawyer has said that the business interest in china has been sold.

• Investigators continue to ask questions about some of the people Hunter Biden was working with and could bring cases against others, according to officials.

• finally, prosecutors are also asking witnesses and probing if Biden and a shady company Biden worked with, Blue Star, should have registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

• The law, known as FARA, requires people lobbying in the U.S. on behalf of foreign interests to register that work.

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