Project Veritas RETURNS to Destroy the MSM Once and for ALL!!!

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has released another mainstream media   exposé  this time its focus is on….

PROJECT VERITAS: Has Released another mainstream media Expose and this time is directed at the HOLY GRAIL of main stream journalism The New York Times.  In this new Expose the video shows a former Clinton campaign Operative who edits New York Times video content on social media platforms pretending to be Former FBI Director’s James Comey Godson and talking about being in Antifa and Punching Nazis

NICHOLAS DUDICH: Is a New York Times Audience Strategy Editor that claims to have worked with the Obama and Hillary Clinton Campaigns doing Social Media outreach and Research.

In the video:

Dudich is shown admitting that according to Times Policies, he should have recused himself from editing videos on James Comey’s testimony before congress, but he DID NOT- and that he could lose his job at the Times if anyone knew.

FBI: In another bizarre portion of the video, Dudich claims to have been an Undercover Informant for the FBI passing him self off as a member of the Domestic Leftist Terrorist group ANTIFA.  He is seen saying that he was gathering “Intelligence” as to whether ANTIFA was involved in Domestic terror Dudich replied “SOME”.

ANTIFA LINK: When Asked if James Comey was aware of his activities in ANTIFA, he answered: ” I cannot confirm or deny that information” In the video the Project veritas Journalists try to uncover the truth about the link between Dudich and James comey, the Aunt and Father both denied the claim “to the best of their Knowledge.”

We Encourage you to watch the FULL video above and see for yourself the type of people that the NYT systemically employs and like James O’Keefe said in the video, The New York Times must face Serious questions about its Journalistic integrity.



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