Professor Clinton: Hillary Clinton in Talks to Teach at Columbia University

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Hillary Clinton is planning her next move….

Hillary Clinton is planning her next move after the release of her new book last month and is reportedly looking at taking a formal teaching role at the Ivy League Columbia University.

PROFESSOR: The New York Daily News reports that Clinton is in discussion for a flexible role that would allow former Secretary of State to lecture across schools and Departments without the requirement of a strict course.  Clinton has a background for it, as a former Professor at the Arkansas School of Law, but a source close to Clinton told the Daily News that ” No decision has been made” but that there is talks.  Clinton is also reportedly in discussion to house her archives at the prestigious University.

“She’s trying to figure out what she wants to do. It could end up with the papers at one place and she has some sort of faculty role at another. She hasn’t quite come to a decision,” the source said.

PASTOR: Clinton released her campaign post-mortem ‘What Happened’ last month, fueling a fresh round of speculation of what will be next for her.  Ahead of the book’s release, there were reports that she was considering delving more into preaching, becoming a methodist lay preacher.   “I think it would be more of … her guest preaching at some point,” Clinton’s pastor, Bill Shillady, said. “We have a long history of lay preachers in the United Methodist Church.”

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