President Trump To Label Mexican Cartels As Terrorist Orgs

SOURCE: Breitbart

The Trump Administration said he may have to label violent Mexican cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations and not just factions but as a whole, and they have been thinking of doing it for a long time.

THE PRESIDENT: “We are, we are,” he said. “We’re thinking about doing it very seriously. In fact, we’ve been thinking about it for a long time,” he then confirmed that the Mexican cartels are terrorist organizations, “as terrorist organizations, the answer is yes. They are.”

He started on the violence in Mexico, “Mexico, unfortunately, has lost control of the cartels, They’ve totally lost control of the cartels. Mexico last year had 42,000 murders and death. It’s considered one of the most unsafe countries in the world.” Trump claims he likes the new President of Mexico, “Now, I’m with them. I really like the new president. He’s a wonderful guy, but you know, 42,000 murders. A lot of it is drug-induced.”

He mentioned how the media pays little to no attention to what is happening in Mexico, “When I was down on the border in Rio Grande three weeks ago, they had 26 people killed right near where I was. And it was a gang fight, and they were buried on the site. That was right near the area that I was at. The papers don’t even write about it. You know, did you read about the 26 people killed? You don’t even read about it.”

THE TEXAS-MEXICO BORDER: In January, when The President and his administration visited McAllen, Texas, cartel violence was reported two hours away from their location that resulted in two large-scale gun battles that claimed the lives of 30 people.

THIS WEEK IN MEXICO: Three state police officers in Chihuahua were killed in a cartel ambush by drug cartel gunmen and left five cartel gunmen dead.

THE PRESIDENT: He said he was surprised that people are finally starting to realize the crisis on the U.S.- Mexico border saying, “By the way, I can’t believe it. They’re finally starting to admit it.” “But I was there 4 weeks ago, 26 people were killed and I didn’t see one story about it. It’s pretty incredible. But you’re right though, I can’t believe it. I actually saw in the Washington Post and the New York Times over the last couple of days.”

CONCLUSION: The President has been taking more than action to stop the crime of Mexico to come into the U.S. and will eventually deem the Mexican cartels a terrorist organization for it’s extreme violence but it is up to the FBI on what to do with the Mexican cartels.

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