President Trump To Ask $8.6 Billion For the Wall

The President submits for his 2020 congressional budget on Monday and he is using this opportunity to finally fulfill his compromised wall if Congress passes it.

The $8.6 billion will replace and build around 700 miles of barriers along the U.S./Mexico border.

The funding wall pulls $5 billion from the Department of Homeland Security budget and $3.6 billion from the military construction budget in the Pentagon.

The $3.5 billion in military construction funding will be used to help fund activity affected by the wall.

Trump’s funding will also call for 2,800 law enforcement, border enforcement, and 100 immigration judge hirees.

Speaker Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader have made it clear that $8.6 billion is an opposing factor but The President will and has kept trying to make a deal.

Congress must approve the funding for fiscal 2020 by October 1st or the country could be under an even worse government shutdown than we have already seen during the Trump administration.

If the Senate approves a resolution to eliminate Trump’s emergency, The President will issue his first veto of his presidency with no overrides from Congress or Senate.

Watch Sarah Sanders Press briefing on this:

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