President Trump SLAMS reporters for Protecting ANTIFA and the Alt-Left!

President Donald Trump unloaded on the Establishment and Left Wing Media Tuesday After Noon while Visiting Trump Tower. He Greeted reporters and Spoke regarding Infrastructure before apparently Leaving Mick Mulvaney to answer Questions, the Hounding Presstitutes starting Yelling out Question Instantly.


President Donald Trump just accomplished something that his base was waiting for, condemning both the Alt-Right and the Alt-Left

President Trump know that The Leftist Fake Stream media will never be fair and satisfied and he showed today that he just might be done trying!

Let us know what you think of President Trump and his Speech on condemning both sides of the confrontation in Charlottesville Virginia.

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  1. I agree 100% with what Trump said about both sides!

    He’s still praising Bannon, but I do believe, as of this posting that Bannon left to UNDERMINE Trump! He supposedly claimed #War on the swamp. But I think he’s lying to us.

    Since Bannon came back to Breitbart, the articles have done nothing but criticize and cut down Trump. I haven’t seen one article yet that said anything positive about Trump and then cut down the swamp dwellers.

    I have been on Breitbart since before Trump started running. As of today, Breitbart has become our enemy. And they might not realize it yet, but Trump supporters won’t be putting up with that garbage for long.

    Good to see some alternative sites. When I get my site going, I’ll post a link to your site.

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