President Trump Schedule Thursday February 13 2020

President Trump Schedule Thursday February 13 2020

The President will be at the White House today, He will be meeting with the Governor of New York State.

President Trump’s Schedule is in EST (Eastern Standard Time)

3:00PM THE PRESIDENT participates in a meeting with the Governor of New York State

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  1. I’m not sure if Trump has been aware about his own capacities,talents and power of work
    before he was elected president. Searching modern history only Napoleon rose
    from a modest military rank and gradually obtaining victories on the Italian front
    then he rose to Directory then he became an emperor. But what emperor! a symbol of
    glory. Trump has become a symbol of efficiency , expediency, self control and optimism
    in a world dominated by the destructive and demonic ideas of socialism.
    Reagan was great but Trump will remain a statue next to Abraham Lincoln.
    God bless America God bless Donald Trump.

  2. Gov. Cuomo is a backstabber!!! Pres. Trump better watch his back!!! God bless our President!!! #TRUMP2020

    1. Governor Cuomo and Mayor Blasio always disrepute and dishonor our great President Trump. They don’t even bother to at least respect Trump with the fact that he is a New Yorker. As a New Yorker and most Americans proud of President Trump who writes and rewrites history. Democrats get lost. Shame on them.

  3. NY is a mess Mr President! I hope you convince the dirty Gov. to return to right thinking!
    May your day be blessed and divinely guided!
    Thank you for all the wonderful work and getting our country back!

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