President Trump Schedule Saturday 21 2019

President Trump Schedule Saturday 21 2019

This is President Donald Trump’s Schedule for Saturday December 21st, 2019

The President will travel to Florida today to deliver a Speech at the Turning Point USA Summit after he will return to Mar-A-Lago where he will be spending Christmas.

*All Times in President Trump’s Schedule are in Eastern Standard Time*

4:35PM THE PRESIDENT departs Mar-a-Lago en route to West Palm Beach, FL

5:00PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at Turning Point USA Student Action Summit


6:15PM THE PRESIDENT arrives at Mar-a-Lago


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  1. God bless the sitting President, Donald Trump, of the United States of America.

    New Zealander.

  2. Have a merry Christmas President Trump and family….we love and support all you through this ridiculous farce with the Democrats…

  3. President Trump,
    Wishing you and your family a relaxing and lovely Christmas! Know that we are behind you 100%. I voted for you in 2016 and will vote for you again! You are an inspiration and our saving grace through this evil war. God and his people will prevail! Wishing love and peace rain down on you from God above. Merry Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas President Trump and family.

    Hope you can have some nice family time a little rest and get ready to keep doing the greatest job of any modern Preident for AMERICA!!

    Draining the swamp and creating the greatest economy ever known on the planet is not easy work .. only a person as talented as you could get it done!!

    God Bless

  5. Peace be upon you the entire Christmas holiday, President Trump. Rest up for a change! Enjoy being with your loving family, tune all the chatter out, eat good food and be grateful for all GOD Almighty has brought you and our country through. We rely on the mercy and goodness and faithfulness of GOD, especially at this Holy time. Let’s start the New Year 2020 with renewed strength, hope and a sense and awaiting GOD’S plan for our coming year. This is a time to reflect on heaven coming down to earth and bringing us GOD’S light and His forever love and forgiveness. Be at peace. The country will wait on you coming back, dear President!

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