President Trump Schedule Monday January 6 2020

President Trump Schedule for Monday January 6 2020

President Donald Trump will be spending the day at the White House where he will be holding a credentialing ceremony for newly appointed Ambassadors to Washington, D.C.

All the Times for President Trump Schedule are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

11:45AM THE PRESIDENT participates in a credentialing ceremony for newly appointed Ambassadors to Washington, D.C.

1:00PM THE PRESIDENT has lunch with the Vice President


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  1. I am very Happy we started the New year off Right by getting rid of a definite future threat . That Salami guy. He’s gone now & there’s nothing you can do about it.!!! BTW golden times. Remember… PRESIDENT TRUMP is Always in Bold upper cased letters. The rest Needs to be lower case… Got it.???

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    Have a nice day

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