President Trump Schedule Friday November 22 2019

President Trump will be at the White House all day, he is set to meet with his Administration to go over the Dangers of Vaping and E-Cigs at the Cabinet Room, and he will also have an NCAA Event at the Oval Office.

*Schedule May Change at Any time*
All Times Eastern
11:00 AM, THE PRESIDENT, participates in the NCAA Collegiate National Champions Day

1:45 PM, THE PRESIDENT, participates in a listening session on youth vaping and the electronic cigarette epidemic

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  1. Dear President Trump, my prayers are ever with you. Bless your day today, keep your chin up, as you do everyday. Take some quiet time with your Lord and Savior. Give him the first fruits of your day. You are so loved and deeply appreciated! All day long and into the night, someone is reminding GOD of you.

  2. My sixteen year old daughter has told me now when she goes on the internet she sees vaping ads. They are targeting our young people. She is aware of the terrible health problems these items cause and wants no part of it! But what about those kids who don’t have that strength and reasoning capacity as of yet? Why is the FCC allowing this? In some countries like Australia it is illegal for companies to pander to children! Just as it is here illegal to sell cigarettes to people with advertisements, like when we had the “Marlboro Man” commercials! He died of lung cancer I do believe!

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