President Trump Schedule Friday November 15 2019

President Trump is at the White House today where he will be delivering a speech at the honesty and Transperancy in Healthcare Prices event which will be streamed on Golden State Times for the second time in 2019

 THE PRESIDENT receives his intelligence briefing

2:00 PM (Eastern) THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks on honesty and transparency in healthcare prices

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  1. Dear Mr Trump this with great urgency I am could you please stop the state of Florida extroditing MR FIELD McConnell please my prayers are with you and your family GOD BLESS YOU SIR .

  2. Thank you so much. Living in Thailand you let me stay informed about all of Trump’s speeches. You are a Godsend.

  3. Thank you President Trump, keep pushing forward, never back down.
    May God continue to bless you.

  4. President Trump doesn’t deserve impeachment but he deserves second term. He is not perfect but faithful to his supporters and America in carrying out his campaign promises one after another. The only one thing I am concerned about him is his use of impolite words.

  5. I 100%, support our president, Donald J. Trump. He is innocent. We the PATROITS voted him in for a reason and he is good on his word for all he had said he would. The wall will be built and our immigration issues will be resolved by this president. So happy he is draining the swamp/looking forward to seeing the justice served on these corrupt satanic evil greedy humans.
    I know he will protect our constitutional rights – ALL IF THEM.

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