President Trump Schedule for Monday January 27 2020

President Trump Schedule for Monday January 27 2020

This is the Schedule for President Donald Trump for Monday January 27 2020

*All the Times in this Trump Schedule are in Eastern Standard Times*

11:00AM THE PRESIDENT participates in the arrival of the Prime Minister of the State of Israel

11:10AM THE PRESIDENT participates in a restricted bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of the State of Israel

11:30AM THE PRESIDENT participates in an expanded bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of the State of Israel

12:30PM THE PRESIDENT participates in a bilateral meeting with LTG. (Res.) MK Benjamin Gantz, Blue and White Chairman

3:30PM THE PRESIDENT participates in a ceremonial swearing-in of the Administrator of the Small Business Administration


President Donald Trump’s Defense team speaks at Senate I peaxhment Trial

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  1. Mr president Donald Tump , yor are not only for Usa but for the world as GOD sent leader , you are a servant of all MIGHTY GOD you are there for a Mission no democratic demonic, ocurltic, evil Power will remove you from White house untill the Mission is over , you are covered by Engel Michael and Engel Gebreal trough the Blood of JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AMEN.

  2. I dont have twitter or Facebook. There is too much trouble and argument and most of the time they are clueless. Very determined, but very wrong too. No thanks. But because love Jesus, and because i love life, i love truth and i love you Donald and your beautiful wife and children., and each one of all those that are on your team and all the media that support you. I love what you are all doing. But i think that jail is too good for them. They only breed more like them. Yhe Bible says that a little leaven, leavens the whole lump. Theyll just get their heads together and workout how they could have done it better. For us, that means worse and not get caught. Dont worry about trying to convince those who cant see now, they have made up their minds, because God has given them over to their delusion, and hardened their hearts.the more you try to convince them, the more they revolt. Just concentrate on all the tasks at hand and do your best to rid the earth of this cursed people. Remember, they murmered against Moses too, and perished in the wilderness. God is taking them out too through what they call natural disasters. They call them natural disasters because they do not want to aknowledge that there is a God, no, not even a god. They cannot say they have not been told. By the time we get to Nobember, you will see the deliverance of the Mighty God.

  3. Sorry, i didnt make that very clear, but i think you will know who i meant. The Democrats. So deluded. As i travel around, i meet a lot of people and i try to talk to them, but they just get more and more determined, they dont want truth. Just keep doing well Man, just keep doimg well. When every American is working and doing ok, when there is no unemployment, except those who refuse to get work, and you dont have to worry about them because God is God, and He will NOT be mocked. They are not mocking you Man, they are mocking God, and HE will sort them out. Just keep up the good work. BTW, no assasination attempt on your life will be successful. I break the bands of wickedness, i loose the cords of bondage, i thank God this Man has beed set free, and i break every yoke in Jesus Name. ALL that is not from God MUST GO because The Fire of God is coming. (That is refering to every foriegn authority that comes against America as well as any American person too.)
    In Jesus Name. Psalm 91, Ephesians 6. There are many scriptures coming to me right now, but I am not sure where they are found. I hope i can get another chance to contact you so i can pass them too you.

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