President Trump FOCUSED and Firm on Trade Negotiations with China

President Trump met with Chinese Trade representatives at the White House where the President was focused and firm on what he wants in a trade deal with china.

On Thursday President Trump reiterated that there’s been no talk of extending a March deadline to reach an agreement with China to avoid imposing increased tariffs on Chinese goods.

However, the president expressed optimism about the chances of reaching a satisfactory deal following talks with a top Beijing representative at the White House.

“I don’t think we have to extend it,” Trump said of the March 1 deadline while speaking to reporters in the Oval Office during a meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He.


The President continued “Now, at a certain point… it’s the largest transaction ever made, to be perfectly straight. We have to get this put on paper at some point if we agree. There are some points that we don’t agree to yet but I think we will agree,” he also said “I think when [Chinese President] Xi and myself meet, every point will be agreed to.”

U.S. Trade Representative Bob Lighthizer said that he and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will travel to China for talks “shortly.”

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