President Trump Declares New York A Major Disaster Area!

Trump just declared New York a major disaster area as the state becomes the epicenter of the US coronavirus outbreak

  • The Emergency declaration allows New York State access to FEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund

  • The Trump administration declaration was issued Friday   

  • This is the first time in US history a major disaster has been declared over a public health emergency 
  • The Declaration was issued four days after it was requested by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as it paves the way for the federal government to pay for up to 75% of the state’s bills on emergency response

A group of New Yorkers filmed A convoy Of Military Vehicles on the Streets Of NYC

Yesterday another user on World star hip hop uploaded a video of him filming a train pass by loaded with military vehicles which he says are headed to Chicago.

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  1. Somebody please inform me what is happening to the homeless in New York and other places with an over whelming population of homeless people? Are they being taking care of & are they being tested? Nobody is talking about this, they are only talking about how RASIST our GREAT PRESIDENT IS, BY SAYING CHINESE FLU!!!

  2. No idea if this is real but if it is we are in trouble. The government is coming to help you to DEATH…

  3. If you know of someone who could check on how feasible this is…. Trying to fly an idea by someone regarding masks for Dr’s & Nurses… Airplanes! (most are grounded require oxygen masks to fly) Could those be repurposed by attaching them to an oxygen source for Dr’s and nurses that need them now!? I don’t know how to get this to some one who may know if it’s possible or can do something about it. Please forward!

  4. The best result of this Chinese Corona Virus episode is for it to serve as a FIRE DRILL. We must PRAY that a more lethal virus NEVER become pandemic.

    1. Cleaning up satanic world elite pedophilia network under cover of Corona virus ( which is real but not nearly as dangerous as made out to be)… this is necessary to protect you fucking sheeple….trust the plan

  5. The STORM is upon us. As Trump said, we are about to have a great victory, much sooner than anyone would have thought. For more info read at

  6. Better send tanks to Detroit, New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle, Baltimore, DC, …………

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