President Trump Declares National Emergency Orders Testing at Big Name Stores

President Donald Trump at the White House declared a National Emergency

  • President holds White House Rose Garden press conference and declares state of emergency can open $50 billion emergency funds

  • President Trump Speaks to the American People along with CEOs of retailers including Walmart, Target and CVS who will set-up drive-thru testing centers in their parking lots

  • The Administration announced a New website and want people to go to a Google-run website to find out if they need tested. When it will launch is unknown 
  •  Trump said travelers from the UK might be added to the travel ban list after numbers of cases there soared
  • Trump waived federal student loan interest and issued guidelines banning visitors from nursing homes 
  • Press conference came as Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro tested Negative after his son said a second test was the real results after the FAKE NEWS said he was Positive.

  • Trump shook hands with Bolsonaro last week at an event at Mar-a-Lago which has sparked fears of his exposure to the virus  

Trump Bolsonaro mar a lago Meeting

  • Trump has not addressed if he has been tested but the White House earlier said he had not 
  • The White House also said the first family will not go into quarantine despite their closeness to several confirmed cases of the virus in the past week 
  • Ivanka Trump stayed home from White House on Friday after meeting on March 5 with an Australian official who later tested positive for coronavirus 


  • States of emergency have been declared in New York City and in various other cities around the country
  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday night a deal has been struck between Congress and the White House on a coronavirus emergency aid package It includes, free testing, sick pay for workers and cash to bolster unemployment benefits and food programs for children families and seniors 
  • UPDATE: As of Friday afternoon, 1,800 people in the US had tested positive for coronavirus and 42 had died

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  1. O trust President Trumps decision. Why is unemployment being raised?? If anything raise disability for people who need itbtobsurvive.

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