President Trump Considers Full Pardon for General Michael Flynn

On Twitter Sunday Afternoon President Trump announced that he is highly considering a Full Pardon for General Flynn citing that the FBI lost his records.

General Flynn pleaded guilty in December 2017 for lying to investigators about his conversations with then-Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak, and faces possible prison time.

After swapping legal teams, Flynn changed his tune, telling the U.S. District Court in Washington in January

 “I am innocent of this crime.”

He filed to withdraw his guilty plea after the Justice Department asked Judge Emmet Sullivan to sentence Flynn to up to six months in prison, though afterward, the department said it believed probation would also be appropriate.


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  1. Flynn shouldn’t get a pardon. He should get an exoneration.

    The FBI falsified evidence, and lied. They are also withholding exculpatory evidence. If the PROSECUTORS and his fake defense lawyers don’t go to prison, we don’t have a functioning justice system.

    And we don’t. Our government is entirely corrupt. Don’t think the country isn’t aware of this.

    1. I agree that government is corrupt and the biggest corrupt on is that moron in the White House that belongs to the people of the United States of America..time to clean house,first get the republican rubbish out to the land fills and bury their buttas.then work on the rest..all those who love this idiot moron in the White House, probably are just as much as a moron and blind to the truth..Trump has burned both Republicans who voted for him and Democrates. It doesn’t take much to have seen a scammer and you who voted for the biggest scammer fell for his smooth talking ways,Hook line and sinker.

    2. One would hope all Americans see how corrupt and rogue our government operates.
      People choose too close their and see what they want to see..

    1. Themurdering evilwitch that has helped no one but hherself is still not in Gitmo yet an American Hero is fighting jail time after being intrapped by dishonest Investigators.

  2. Pardon him take Soros money make the General whole plus more for being railroaded

  3. I’m getting tired of hearing things like this described as “the FBI” lost records. It was not the FBI, it was criminals within the FBI. Criminals that should not be cloaked in anonymity to escape justice.

  4. He should given a full pardon and made whole. The FBI should pay for all of his financial loses, his lawyer fees, make a written apology, and pay punitive damages in the millions of dollars. FBI not the untouchables, they are the crooks.

  5. Democrats are seemingly demon aliens from hell…

    Ancient alien theorists, say “yes”…

  6. The list of accomplices run throughout the nation. Thise that join are not innocent, however the leaders are more guilty. If you don’t want death penalty enforcement for Comey, Clintons, Bushes, and Obama then your part of the problem. There’s a perfect opportunity here for population control as an added bonus.

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