President Donald Trump SLAMS NBC over Fake Reports and Threatens to End their License

President Donald Trump took to twitter on Wednesday to SLAM NBC for publishing FAKE NEWS reports on the President wanting a bigger Nuclear Arsenal…..

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Openly threatened on Wednesday to go after the licenses of “NBC and other Networks,” as he SLAMMED false reports that he claims are Fake News.

He Said:

The Presidents comments reportedly came during a gathering with national security leaders.

Fake New NBC reported that President Trump’s comments were in response to a briefing slide that showed a decrease in U.S nuclear weapons since the late 60’s.

FAKE NEWS NBC: reported “Trump indicated he wanted a bigger stockpile, not bottom position on that downward sloping curve.

Officials reportedly were surprised by President Donald Trump’s suggestion, but said no expansion in the nuclear arsenal is planned.

NBC Host Ali Velshi said:

FCC: According to FCC rules the commission only licenses individual broadcast stations, not entire “TV or Radio Networks,”

PRESIDENT TRUMP VS THE FAKE NEWS: This isn’t the First time President Trump Slams Fake News NBC, last week NBC created a fake report stating that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called President Trump a “Moron” later that same day both Trump and Tillerson disputed the report as FAKE NEWS.



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  1. Yet, I guarantee you people in this nation will continue to subscribe to the bogus narrative of these fake reports and stories. I swear, mainstream media is operating under the same standards as tabloids nowadays.

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