President Donald Trump Schedule for Tuesday, March 31, 2020

President Donald Trump Schedule for Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The President will be at the White House today, He will be doing a teleconference call with Network CEO’s he will also hold a Press Briefing in the afternoon.

President Trump Schedule is in Eastern Standard time (EDT)

2:30PM THE PRESIDENT participates in a phone call with network service providers

5:00PM Members of the Coronavirus Task Force hold a press briefing

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  1. Blessed going out and blessed coming in and in all his work. We are grateful for your outstanding leadership. Blessings!

  2. Thanks for all you do I love my country and the Great people in it prayers coming to all

  3. “Team Work! When you actually recognise an ‘Emergency’ All Norm is Cancelled, and The Team takes over. The is no Place for Common Place (Complacency) in an Emergency. The Best! Those We Pay out Taxes to, Do Not just Hire ‘The Rest’ (Cheap Labor). to make a “Killing’ at Our Expense.”

  4. The Storm is Upon Us!
    Please pay attention to what is happening here and around the World.
    I hear the MSM (Main Stream Media) talking about no longer televising the daily briefings of President Trump, and everyone at those briefings. What do you think will happen when mass communications from the White House are cut off and they cannot let the American People know what is happening on a daily basis? Why do you think they (Trump and the Patriots) were talking about testing the E.B.S (Emergency Broadcast System) several months back? Why are a dipropionate number of Covid-19 infections infecting so many Elites (Millionaires, Movie Stars, Music Stars, C.E.O.s, etc, etc). Why is the Media pushing for American People to be Terrified? Why do you think they were pushing for everyone to get tested when those testing kits from W.H.O. (World Health Organization) were coming back with over nearly a 50% false positive and did not want to wait for our own tests? Why did Nevada governor Steve Sisolak sign an emergency order preventing the medications’ (chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine) use treating the virus. Why did Trump talk about rescuing a woman (Rachel Chandler) held captive in Honduras the other day in that interview behind the White House? She was the woman involved in recruiting young girls for Jeffrey Epstein and was a Child Sex slave herself.
    Saudi Arabia Arrested nearly 300 of its Princes, Heads of State, Generals, etc. etc. last week. Saudi Arabia is known as the main hub for the world of Sex Trafficking, and Child Sex Trafficking. How could so many children (over 150,000) come up missing after the Haiti earth quake in 2010? What is Adrenochrome and why were so many Elites using it? Where is it made (I think without the need for children’s blood)? HINT-Where did the Wuhan Virus originate? What is “Spirit Cooking”? There is more to this Pandemic than we think. When do you think Durham/Bar will unseal all those secret indictments? As of 2 days ago there are 157,694 sealed indictments, 18,555 unsealed indictments, 378,296 indictments.
    Call me a Conspiracy Theorist if you want. When the truth comes out – it will be horrific… People drinking the blood of horrified children for the adrenaline and the rush not to mention it falls right in line with Devil Worshiping. When I started this post, tears fell down my face – now I’m at the end I’m just pissed off. I better pray right now before “I” do something Rash… Hate Trump all you want but the STORM is Upon US. 4-1-2020. This Easter will be SPECIAL…

  5. There is now a Presidential seal and flag (unlike the past 4 or 5) because this briefing will be different… If he announces that we have a cure the Main Stream Media will probably discontinue the live coverage and they, The President and the Corona Virus Task Force will have to let us know what is going on through the Emergency Broadcast System….He will probably not talk about Durham/Bar Secret indictments drop and associated round (using National Guard) up of those involved in serious crimes against out Country and our Children..It is still considered Classified…

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